Death of Hazrat Zainab

Death of Hazrat Zainab. Death of Hazrat Zainab information.

15th Rjab Death of Hazrat Zainab

Death of Hazrat Zainab

Death of Hazrat Zainab 1

Hazrat Zainab:

Name: Zainab (as)
Title: Siddiqua-e-Sughra
Kunyat: Umm-al-Masaib
Born : At Madina On 5th Jamadi-al-Awwal 5th Year after Hijrah
Grand-father: Holy Prophet of Islam(S.A.W.)
Grand-mother: Umm-ul-Mumineen Hadrat Khadija-e-Kubra
Father: Imam Ali(A.S.)
Mother: Hadrat Fatima Zahra(A.S.)

Hazrat Zainab (pbuh) the daughter of Imam Ali (pbuh) and Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (pbuh) and the granddaughter of Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh), reflected in her character the best attributes of those who brought her up. In sobriety and serenity she was Death of Hazrat Zainab 2likened to her grandmother Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra (pbuh); in chastity and modesty to her mother Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (pbuh) – the Mistress of the Ladies of the Worlds; in eloquence to her father Imam Ali (pbuh); in forbearance and patience, and in bravery and tranquility of the heart to her brothers Imam Hassan (pbuh) and Imam Hussein (pbuh) – the Masters of the Youth of Paradise, respectively. Her face reflected her father’s awe and her grandfather Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa’s (pbuh) reverence.

Zaynab and History of her last days:

Some of the history related with Zaynab’s last days is quoted here from news web sources, which reveals that Zaynab died in Cairo and her shrine is also in Cairo “Yazid ordered dispersion of Ahl Al Bayt The governor Medina asked Zainab to leave She chose Egypt, and arrived in Sha’aban of 61 AH was received by the governor, Mouslima Ben Makhled Al Ansari, and by a mass of Muslims, to Al Fastat (the capital of Egypt).Mouslima invited her  at his place She remained in her residence almost a year (11 months and 10 days) without leaving until her death, on Sunday 14 Rajab 62 H/March 27th, 682 A. D, in a place called “Al Hamrae Al Qoswa”where the mausoleum of Zainab is currently located. It became a large mosquerenamed “the district of Sayeeda Zainab”.Historical evidence Rokaya Bent Oqba Ben Nafi’ AlFihri said: “I was one of who welcomed ZainDeath of Hazrat Zainabab, when she came to Egypt after Kerbala. Mouslima Ben Makhled, Abdullah Ben El Hareth and Abu Amira Al Mazini … welcome her. Mouslima presented his condolences to her”.(Yasin/52).In the books “Mashariq Al Anwar” and “Tabaqat Asha’arani”  indications of her arrival in Egypt. Hafed Ben Asaker Addimashqi, the 6th century of Hegira historian, mentioned her arrival in Egypt in his in the Al Khalidiay Library in Damascus. This event mentioned by the historian Ibn Toloun Addimashqi, in a separate book. Among the contemporaries is Dr. Ahmed Asharbassi,  mentioned her arrival in one of his books.One also finds in Aleppo a book by Abdalli (Al Hassan Ben Yahya), descendant of Ali Ben Abi Taleb, born in 194 AH in Al Aqiq in Hijaz. The book is “Akhbar Azainabiyate” (Information on Zainabs), and mentions  Ahl Al Bayt bearing … Zainab. It indicates Zainab left Medina settled in Egypt gave the same date and length of stay as  in this article.Sayyeda Ruqayya Mashhad, Cairo In 1170 the Emir Abdul Rahman Katekhda H/1768 A. D. restored the gallery and put a copper plate on the door with the inscription: “O Sayeeda Zainab, O daughter of Fatema Azzahra, give me strength”. It is still there.Sayyida Ruqayya and Sayyida Nafisa along with Sayyida Zaynab are from Ahl al-Bayt and traditionally considered the patron saints of Cairo. The subsequent section describes them also.

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